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DTC Francais/French

DTC Francais/French

Thetford-Mines, 1 In stock
CAD$ 12.99 CAD$ 8.00
  • Description

    The goal of the game is not to take any cards. In your turn, you face as many cards you want from your hand of 6 cards and call one number, say "there are two 3s", then replenish your hand back to 6 cards. The subsequent players can either call it a bluff or bid higher (meaning, more cards or the same number of cards with higher number). When a bluff is called, whoever wrong must take all the cards played. The game continues until one last bluff is called after the deck is exhausted. Note that the remaining cards in your hand also counts for your penalty points!

  • Details
    Ages: 7 and up
    Category: Card Game
    Designer: Reiner Knizia
    Publisher: Ferti
    Time: 20 minutes
    Year: 2012