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The Walking Dead Board Game

The Walking Dead Board Game

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  • Description

    In The Walking Dead Board Game, based on the AMC television program of the same name, you can play as survivors or zombies. Create unexpected alliances to get back to camp alive, blasting zombies with shotguns or crossbows – or stalk your former friends as a risen corpse.

    This easy-to-learn game includes two scenarios: Survival Mode and Team Game. Ever-dwindling resources make every decision "life or death", and as the supplies run out, the tension ramps up.


    Game instructions
    1 Game board (18.25" x 14.5" roll-up mat, rubber backed mouse-pad type material)
    6 Character cards
    6 Survivor game pieces (cardboard pawns)
    2 Walker game pieces (cardboard pawns)
    4 Plastic stands for the game pieces (cardboard pawns)
    16 Ally tokens
    40 Scrounge cards
    40 Encounter cards
    30 Walker cards
    16 Location cards
    4 Badges
    1 Six sided die

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