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Munchkin Christmas Lite

Munchkin Christmas Lite

St-Romuald, 1 In stock
CAD$ 17.59 CAD$ 12.31
  • Description

    Kick down the door! Defeat the monster! Take the treasure! Munchkin has been a gaming phenomenon for fifteen years, and now we’re giving you a great introduction to the game. Munchkin Christmas Lite is a standalone game, and can also be used as an expansion for existing Munchkin games! Key Features • Specially priced for an introduction to the game; players can give it away to their friends to get them hooked on Munchkin! • People curious about Munchkin can use it as an easy and inexpensive in-road to the game. • Existing Munchkin players will love it because it has new, holiday-themed art for existing cards, and a whole slew of new cards!

  • Details
    Ages: 10+
    Artist: John Kovalic
    Category: Card Game
    Players: 3-4
    Product Title: Munchkin Christmas Lite
    Publisher: Steve Jackson Games
    Time: 60 minutes
    Year: 2015